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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Lucera (FG)

The Company: its past... and its future

It was December 1988 when the dream began to take shape, always secretly cultivated, to found a farm which I made ​​for my children and their children. I wanted to resume the broken thread with the past of my family and reconnect with the peasant agricultural entrepreneurship.

My grandfather Michele transferred me his love, passion, perseverance; we were hoping and dreaming together between the rows of vines, vast fields of grain, rustic almond trees and large, imaginative sculptures of the great olive trees.

That first settlement, also based at Santa Caterina Ripatetta, grew up with my children and they are now feeling a strong bond with our land and the typical products of our campaigns.

Today, mostly through their great enterprise and confidence in the food market, together we have managed to transform what was born 23 years ago as a moment of stubborn revenge in a rational, real short chain with the production of the extra virgin olive oil only obtained with the olives we produce.

Through the passion and dedication put into these years, we are now aiming, with renewed commitment, to carry every day on the tables of our many friends consumers an extremely high quality product.


LUCERA 03-09-2011