Classic DonnaPiccarda

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Classic DonnaPiccarda


Extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Coratina variety present in our groves not less than 70% together with other varieties (Pizzuta, Leccina, Biccarese, St. Catherine's) by the remaining 30%.


Area of production: Lucera/San Giusto



- Colour from green to yellow;

- Fruity Smell with a feeling of fresh fruit;

- Fruity Taste;

- Mean acidity: 0.2 g of oleic acid per 100 g of oil;;


It is an extra virgin olive oil with a slightly spicy with notes of bitter flavour (synonymous with freshness), a delicate fruity with hints of almond and fruit, with yellow with green tints.

It goes well with any dish of ancient Mediterranean cuisine. Good to exalt the humble dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.